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We have all been there, we painstakingly learned the theory in all its detailed facets, we are brimming with self-confidence and summon the world for to let you enter. And then comes the very first hard lesson in your career: Realityā€¦.

At C2S Campus we know what you will be facing, we have been there ourselves. We know that to make you a true professional you need to understand how theory can only be an assistant to reality. Wouldnā€™t it beĀ great if you could learn how to deal with these hard real-life situations in a controlled manner under the guidance of some of the best experts? Learn how to apply theory to reality. Being armed against the very things pure theory cannot teach you.

Learn about these real-life situations "Where Theory meets Practise", whilst at the same time learning other valuable Dispute Management tools and processes, including the often underestimated human factor. You will learn all there is to know about the only Dispute Management tool that can truly practice dispute avoidance: Dispute Boards!

At the end you will have made a giant step to become a true professional that has every right to being a valuable part of some of the most prestigious projects in the world.

Disputes do not arise because of bad contracts. It’s the human factor.

People decide whether to escalate, and often do so based on bad or incomplete facts. The difference between thinking you know and actually knowing, is always very costly. But knowing cannot be achieved without understanding the impact of reality.

At C2S Campus we make it our mission to teach you where Theory meets Practise, whilst at the same time recognising that people are people and how to use that fact to your advantage.


Why C2S Campus?


Our courses have been prepared by excellent professionals with a combined experience well in advance of some 100+ years. Covering the Engineering, Commercial as well as Legal side of things.

Multinational Projects  

Our Trainers have been involved in major construction projects worldwide, ranging from Airports, Highways, Tunnels, Power Generation, Off-Shore, Oil & Gas to Infra-Structural.

The Goal 

We at C2S Campus all have that same desire: To make it possible for anybody in the dispute management industry, or those wanting to get in, to learn what it means when theory meets practice. When experience teaches you new ways, to re-define the word contentious to something more amenable to making it work.


What do you do?

In the Dispute Management World, you will probably be faced with situations where theory does not provide an adequate answer. The question then is: what do you do?

Leo Grutters

Leo Grutters

Leo Grutters is a Construction Engineer and a Dispute Resolution Expert with nearly 40 years of professional experience. He holds an MBA and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  As a Member of FIDIC's President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators he has been involved as an independent neutral expert in many large prestigious international engineering projects involving such wide-ranging sectors as roads, railways, power generation & distribution, off-shore, marine, renewable energies, etc. He has extensive experience in international contractual dispute resolution procedures such as Adjudication, Dispute Boards and Arbitration. He regularly lectures on Dispute Resolution Methodologies, Proactive Contract Administration Systems & Procedures and he is a regular speaker at related international events.

His biggest ambition is to make the dispute world a friendlier place, where facts, logic and common sense prevail. C2S Campus is a natural extension of that ambition.

Igor Zirojevikj

Igor Zirojevikj is an engineer (MSc transport engineering) and a dispute resolution specialist with over 20 years of professional experience. He was involved in a number of infrastructure (water, wastewater, roads, railway and dams) projects implemented under various (mostly FIDIC) forms of contract. During this period, Igor has gained a significant real-life knowledge and experience not only in different engineering skills, but also about their interaction with the contractual and the legal frame envisaged to provide successful project completion. 

Following successful completion of some of the more renowned standard training programs, Igor got involved in several prestigious dispute adjudication processes as a member of a party’s counsel team. During the last five years, he has been appointed in several Dispute Boards gaining invaluable experience.

As a dispute resolution practitioner, he is focused towards encouraging the Parties to avoid disputes, and - if the avoidance proves impractical - to provide an efficient resolution.

Igor Zirojevikj


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